Protrack Rhino Task

Team NPO                                    The

Team That Gets Between The Rhino

NUMBER 930051942 |   COMPANY REGISTRATION 2013/119521/08

Rhino Emergency Contact Numbers 

Our Rhino Hotline is dedicated to being a reaction team for any rhino owners in the whole of Hoedspruit area, please remember our team are a working team so please only call if it is in regards to Rhino emergencies for anything else please call the office line or general inquiries.  

You can call us for any of the following -

Reaction Line:  +27823859812


·         Follow up on gun shots/infiltration's on your farm/reserve

·         Suspicions of gun shots or infiltration's

·         Rhino poaching incidents (we will carry out a full investigation and autopsy which will be submitted to the police)

·         Rhino Calf Ambulance – we have an ambulance on standby 24 hours a day

·         Flight Patrols – Our bantam aircraft searches for rhino carcasses or calves or can follow up on gunshots. Flight patrols are only carried out in day light

General Enquiries Line: +27712429088

·         Organizing fence line checks on your reserve – if you have had poaching incidents recently or fear you may be a target for poachers please call us so we can regularly check the fence lines on your reserve.

·         Information regarding incidents or poachers – all information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any unnecessary parties. (it is against the law to submit false information regarding criminal activity as the police may have to be involved in some operations)  

 With the continual increase in Rhino poaching in South Africa, most of the reserves and farms have increased their security internally, but we still had the problem that the poachers were using the network of roads outside of Reserves.  In February 2013 Protrack Anti-poaching unit set up the Protrack Rhino Task Team NPC Mobile response unit. 

All our operations are funded by donations and our services are free of charge to all Rhino owners in Hoedspruit and greater Hoedspruit area (please call us to find out if you are in our radius).

Please remember we only have one rhino task team with one vehicle, we apologies in advance if we cannot get to you promptly, if you are struggling to get hold of the team in an emergency please try and call every line, someone will always be available to help you.