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 With the continual increase in Rhino poaching in South Africa, most of the reserves and farms have increased their security internally, but we still had the problem that the poachers were using the network of roads outside of Reserves.  In February 2013 Protrack Anti-poaching unit set up the Protrack Rhino Task Team NPC Mobile response unit. 

sthembiso zidwe

19/03/16 18:22:57

Keep on doing your job to protect rhinos.Although our gov keep on accepting people from Mozambique who kill our rhinos and get away with it bcz they are using muti not to get caught.

Carol Thompson

15/11/15 20:58:49

My thoughts were with you guys today. After the intense heat you have been surviving in - then to be hit with such horrific storm - cannot be pleasant. Keep up the sterling work you are doing. Stay safe

Jeffery Parks

29/10/15 00:06:02

You have more supporters than you know. You're doing worthwhile work we all wish we could participate in. Thank you each and every one of you. Let us know what we can do. - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Kathryn Brown

28/10/15 23:22:34

Please know you are supported with prayers and absolute appreciation for the work you do even from as far away as New Zealand. Keep up the good work that will allow these amazing animals of Africa to be part of this world for generations to come. Thank you!

Jane Allin

28/10/15 15:36:16

You do an unbelievably difficult and dangerous job. Thank you from those that cannot speak, for your dedication and bravery. I salute you all. You are the real heroes out there. Please stay safe.

Jen Kunkel

27/10/15 01:45:35

we can only hope for all of your safety and the continued lives of those whom you are fighting for. Our gratitude and debt of horn walks with each of you every day. Thank you

Carol Thompson

26/10/15 15:15:51

I don't think anyone can understand how hard the reality of your chosen career is unless they have walked in your shoes. When things get tough and you feeling down - remember how many people are supporting you from behind the scenes. Everyone of you guys are amazing and should be very proud of what you do - I know I am proud (and I'm not alone) admire and respect all of you. Stay safe - stay strong - our animals would be far worse off without you guys fighting this fight. Thank you for caring and committing to the creatures who cannot speak for themselves.

Nicke Mecaskey Hetzel

Thank you for protecting the animals. All of you are true HEROES!! May God keep you safe.

26/10/15 15:03:09

Judi Clayton

Hello team from canada. Thank you for your service and protecting the wukdlife .

26/10/15 14:59:12

vera schonberg

Thank you so much. Your are very brave. wish you had more dogs, guns, drones and body armor to keep you safe though

26/10/15 14:27:08

Neya Warren

26/10/15 13:55:40

Thank you for your bravery and compassion in protecting wildlife. Your sacrifices for the greater good mean so much to the rest of the world. I am so grateful!

--Neya Warren
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Sue Sue Brown

26/10/15 13:38:44

26 October 2015. Full moon tonight.
I think of all the rangers at Protrack as they prepare for long hard working days and nights in the remote locations of the bush. I am proud to volunteer for 2 organisations that support this excellent, dedicated and high trained Anti Poaching Unit. OSCAP and DAN the Marching Rhino. I hope we are making a small difference to you all through our fund raising. Thank you to each and every individual at Protrack. We salute you all for the amazing work.

Rohan Nel

A letter to Protrack

30/09/15 12:03:16

Appreciating Protrack and the work they do.
The first interaction with Protrack, you get a sense of...”what the hell have I gotten myself into”.
Chaos, craziness, can I do this? Do I want to do this? How will I fit in? What will my role be? Will I mentally survive this interaction, this experience....?

That was the first time I met them.

Naturally I was totally focused.....(not) on filming Matt Bracken’s 40 day training with Protrack. It
happened quite unexpectedly, and there was not the option of quitting. As Matt and I
realised halfway through the training course...

40 days later you have changed, evolved, got a bit skinnier and maybe a bit healthier...
40 days later it's over and the endurance has paid off.
40 days later the pass out parade is complete and you become part of the Protrack family...

My time with Protrack and The Protrack Family has taught me to appreciate a person or persons for what they are. To take life with a pinch of salt.
Be more patient with what every day brings, and appreciate how a day unfolds. You never know
what to expect next, but it’s always rewarding.

I have come to understand the hardship and difficult times and situations that Protrack had to
endure, to evolve into the successful private organisation that they are today. And this led me to appreciate the unmeasurable endurance and passion that the Protrack Family has for the bush,wildlife and the wellbeing of our nature. For people of all races and the respect they have for others.

The Protrack management always has the highest intentions of helping people to achieve more
and be more, than what a person sometimes believes he/she is capable off.

As once an outsider, with no prior knowledge of Protrack, I now feel that this is my home in the
bush. Once you are accepted into the Protrack Family, they always welcome you with open hearts and minds, assisting our filming projects and willing to organise the best possible situations and conditions to work in.

Rohan Nel
Wild and Free Foundation

Sheena and Lance

07/09/15 12:52:05

MIL.SPEC. would like to say: We appreciate that the Rhino Task Team give their every working day to the protection of wildlife in their area of South Africa. This is a dangerous and physically demanding job - out in all elements and never knowing what is around the corner. You are our front line of defense against our wildlife. Africa, and in particular, South Africa, being one of the last great wild spaces for these amazing mammals to live. You are admired and you are sent love and support from us and our thanks for choosing this incredible line of work. God Bless you and protect you every day.

Andrew Germishuys

07/09/15 12:49:10

A slight "change" to a quote I've always liked: "Rhino babies sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - may all of them be safe! - Movie Armourer, Movie Production Assistant and ex-SA Police

Ian Hatton

07/09/15 12:48:08

Be strong my fellow Brothers of Arms, the World stands behind you, while u stand up for our Rhinos - Ex SA Military Parabats, Also ex Anti-Poaching Ranger

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