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 With the continual increase in Rhino poaching in South Africa, most of the reserves and farms have increased their security internally, but we still had the problem that the poachers were using the network of roads outside of Reserves.  In February 2013 Protrack Anti-poaching unit set up the Protrack Rhino Task Team NPC Mobile response unit. 

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sthembiso zidwe

19/03/16 18:22:57

Keep on doing your job to protect rhinos.Although our gov keep on accepting people from Mozambique who kill our rhinos and get away with it bcz they are using muti not to get caught.

Carol Thompson

15/11/15 20:58:49

My thoughts were with you guys today. After the intense heat you have been surviving in - then to be hit with such horrific storm - cannot be pleasant. Keep up the sterling work you are doing. Stay safe

Jeffery Parks

29/10/15 00:06:02

You have more supporters than you know. You're doing worthwhile work we all wish we could participate in. Thank you each and every one of you. Let us know what we can do. - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Kathryn Brown

28/10/15 23:22:34

Please know you are supported with prayers and absolute appreciation for the work you do even from as far away as New Zealand. Keep up the good work that will allow these amazing animals of Africa to be part of this world for generations to come. Thank you!

Jane Allin

28/10/15 15:36:16

You do an unbelievably difficult and dangerous job. Thank you from those that cannot speak, for your dedication and bravery. I salute you all. You are the real heroes out there. Please stay safe.

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